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A Makeover That Was 44 Years in the Making - Hello Mojo Magazine

A Makeover That Was 44 Years in the Making


We stumbled upon this uplifting article and thought that we would share it here. It’s called Woman Gets Makeover After Painful Divorce From Husband Of 44 Years, He Now Regrets His Decisions and it oozes of inspiration.

It shares a lot of insight into how divorce affects people. Here’s a short quote that we thought was absolutely shareworthy:

Vicki started to cry when talking about her painful divorce. The team then began working with the wonderful transformation, saying: “With an uplift in color, softened brows and a generally warmer glow, she shines for her next act.”

For how the makeover went check out the video that comes embedded in the link below…

Her new stylish appearance went down well, with internet users praising her new look.

Read the source article at SmallJoys