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"Almost" Relationships Suck, Here's How To Recognize If You're In One - Hello Mojo Magazine

“Almost” Relationships Suck, Here’s How To Recognize If You’re In One


An almost relationship, according to The EveryGirl, “happens when two people go through the motions of being together — without discussing (or verifying) if they actually are.” In this enlightening article, she deepens our understanding of the whys and hows of the almost relationship.

She shares with us different signs that we may not be aware of in this obscure state of affairs.

“Due to the fact that an “almost” relationship is based off everything but a future, a person who isn’t committed to you won’t want anything to do with a conversation dedicated to it – and that’s not your fault,” The EveryGirl writes.

It’s really interesting that most of the signs come intrinsically. It seems to suggest that deep in your heart, you know that you’re in a confusing relationship. These interesting nuggets of wisdom will definitely help you understand yourself and your partner a little bit more and in the process, get some much-needed clarity on the future of your relationship.


Read the source article at The Everygirl