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An Excerpt From A Self-Care Expert's Book That'll Teach You To Be Resilient - Hello Mojo Magazine

An Excerpt From A Self-Care Expert’s Book That’ll Teach You To Be Resilient


There comes a moment in self-care journey when it’s easy to feel like you’ve f***d it all up. How do I know this? Well – I’ve watched a lot of women – including myself- go through these moments,” writes Gracy Obuchowicz.

Divorce can absolutely count as huge f***k up.

In this article, Gracy, helps us navigate through it with self-care. She gives us words of encouragement. And ultimately, she hands us the tools to pick ourselves back up.

We at Hello Mojo Magazine can definitely recommend this beautifully written excerpt from Gracy’s book. Her words just soothe the soul and rejuvenate the mind.

Read the source article at Self Care With Gracy