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Are Safe Zones Viable for Messy Custody Exchanges? - Hello Mojo Magazine

Are Safe Zones Viable for Messy Custody Exchanges?


When two emotionally charged high-conflict individuals share custody of a child, the custody exchanges can get messy. To combat this, the courts have used human intermediaries who would be present at each exchange to ensure that no negative interactions can happen between the two parents. However, there’s another idea that some counties have begun to apply which they believe should work just as well – Safe Zones.

In this article, Gara Lacy analyzes the viability of Safe Zones where surveillance, lighting, and availability of police should intervention be needed are ensured at the exchange. In it, she discusses both the pros and cons to this setup and compares it to the prevailing court solution of human intermediaries.

It’s an eye-opening article that Hello Mojo Magazine is excited to share. This is definitely a part of the divorce that people would find interesting and relatable.

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