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Annie Kendall, Author at Hello Mojo Magazine
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Annie Kendall

A woman who wears many hats, Annie is a single mother, author, blogger, speaker, and entrepreneur empowering people as they journey through and beyond their relationship challenges. She knows first-hand how life can be turned upside down in a heartbeat. Annie went through her own separation and divorce from 2013-15 and became determined to turn her pain into gain for herself and so many others headed down the same road. Within a matter of hours, Annie had gone from living the glamorous life of a Singapore expat to confronting the reality of divorce, moving countries and saying goodbye to friends, hello to lawyers, and moving back in with her parents, while nursing a newborn and running around after a toddler. Enduring a crippling three years of emotional, physical and financial stress, Annie felt broken. Driven by love for her children and a determination to set up a solution so that no-one should ever need to go through what she had, Hello Mojo was born. What began as a simple idea to create a solution for herself has now grown into something which positively touch the lives of millions. Hello Mojo Magazine for women and for men is an authentic, supportive, heart-centred global publication which includes an app to get you started. So, if the end of a relationship is looming or you’re going through a lot right now, rest assured, Annie will help you get your mojo back!

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