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Cultivating Habits to Keep You Happy and Healthy - Hello Mojo Magazine

Cultivating Habits to Keep You Happy and Healthy


Habits are tiny routinary activities that have huge effects on our overall well being. They may seem boring because they truly are. They’re just simple little goals that we can do every day that we can consider as small successes. In turn, it helps us prepare for the huge successes that we aim for.

That smallness is what makes it so powerful.

In this article, The Every Girl shares with us simple habits that consistently keep her happy and healthy every day despite a slew of things that try to bring her down. She only shares with us habits that she had personally developed and activities that she still has in her rotation of daily routines.

The list consists of mundane everyday things that may seem inconsequential especially when you think about the intended effect of keeping you happy and healthy. But, that smallness is exactly what makes them so powerful because it means that you can actually accomplish and apply them consistently in your daily life.


Read the source article at The Everygirl