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Divorce isn't Failure - Hello Mojo Magazine

Divorce isn’t Failure


Divorce is basically a failed marriage so it’s easy to see that the spouses were the ones who failed. That perspective cannot be farther from truth.

Kerry Fox of Divorce Magazine makes us realize that on the contrary, divorce is the triumph of the logical mind. It is an admission that things aren’t going to get any better and that it’s better to let both spouses go their separate ways instead.

Furthermore, she tells us, “being able to endure the process of divorce and survive the emotional upheaval makes you a stronger person. It can even make you a better and more effective parent to your children.”

This article is a worthwhile read for divorcees and people currently going through the process. It’s a reminder that things are going to get better after it.

That’s a message that we at Hello Mojo Magazine can definitely support.

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