Divorce Stress Handling Techniques


Here’s an interesting article on SAS for Women. It’s called 7 Ways to Handle Divorce Stress.

It’s a gripping piece by Melanie Figueroa in which she shares some tips on handling stress during divorce. Here’s one advice that’s really thought-provoking:

Staying active is about more than simply losing or maintaining your weight. Studies have proven that exercise gives people more energy and improves their focus. You need both of those things if you are deciding or navigating your divorce. You need both of those things afterward, too, on your divorce recovery journey. You don’t have to get a gym membership to stay fit either. You could take up tennis if you prefer to make a game of exercise, or you can go hiking if exploring nature is more your thing.

For more tips from Melanie Figueroa, check out the rest of her piece on SAS for Women…

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