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Divorced Moms: The Tribe Helping To Make It Better - Hello Mojo Magazine

Divorced Moms: The Tribe Helping To Make It Better



When times are tough, knowing other people have survived the same experience you’re going through is everything. Having a support network that can hold your hand and advise you, especially if you’re unable to tell your closest friends and family, is invaluable.
Divorced Moms is that safe place. A virtual space where women considering divorce, going through one, or rebuilding their lives afterwards, can find advice, support and empowerment. And with 2.5 million viewers a year, that’s a lot of empowerment!

Managing editor and one of the leading divorce experts in the United States, Cathy W. Meyer, had a very personal reason for helping launch the site in 2013. “As a seed in my head, I wanted women to have what I didn’t have when going through a divorce,” she tells Hello Mojo. “Great advice in one spot that would empower them while going through the process and moving on to a new life afterwards. We are there to help women navigate legal divorce issues and hopefully make fewer mistakes.”

As a seed in my head, I wanted women to have what I didn’t have when going through a divorce”

Cathy also works individually with clients as a Master Certified Relationship Coach and certified Marriage Educator so she really knows what she’s talking about – and what her audience needs.

When it comes to supporting and empowering women, DivorcedMoms stands out. It provides a huge library of free resources to its visitors.

This includes sections on the legal process, advice from experts, pieces on all aspects of separation and custody, dating after divorce and much more from its divorce experts. While the nuts and bolts advice might be aimed at a mainly North American audience, there’s invaluable information here for divorcing women around the world.

One of Hello Mojo’s favourites is the 27-woman strong blogging network. The blogs are written by women (and one man) sharing their own divorce experiences and really connect with readers who are at similar stages of separation and recovery.

DivorcedMoms also has a Facebook page and a private offshoot group where women can connect and support each other. Nothing is off limits and every aspect of divorce – good, bad, ugly and joyful – is covered.

But above all else, Cathy and DivorcedMom’s ethos seems to be to empower women and urge them to be their own advocate.

“Become knowledgeable about how divorce is handled in your state and jurisdiction,” she urges. “Knowledge is power when it comes to protecting your legal rights. Divorce attorneys can make mistakes and it’s up to you to become a proactive participant in your own divorce.”

Divorced Mom’s Tips For Separating

  1. Start a war chest – if possible open a separate bank account.
  2.  Keep a divorce calendar – keep track of solicitor appointments, court deadlines or discussions with your spouse.
  3. Make a divorce to do list – this will help you stay organised and prioritise what needs doing.
  4. Prepare a divorce notebook or file – go stationery shopping and get a ring bound folder. Divorce creates a lot of paperwork.
  5. Cut unnecessary expenses – If you’re not receiving interim spousal support and you should be, seek legal advice.
  6. Stick to a routine – Don’t skip meals or change your sleeping habits. Try not to isolate yourself from friends. Exercise.
  7. Be constructive – It’s hard but try and maintain a positive outlook and don’t get sucked into needless conflicts with your spouse.
  8. Make a plan – Take it one day at a time. Try to control only those things that are in your control.
  9. Gather financial information – so that you have all you need to hand in when meeting with your legal adviser.
  10. Do your research – understand the process and how the system works. Ask friends who’ve been there for advice and recommendations.

Hear more from DivorcedMoms at:www.divorcedmoms.com @divorcedmomscom