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Getting Through the Rough Stages of Separation - Hello Mojo Magazine

Getting Through the Rough Stages of Separation


Separating especially from a long-term relationship is always difficult. “Doesn’t matter who ended it, why it ended, whether you knew it was coming or not, whether you think it’s for the best or a terrible idea… it is a truly hideous time for anyone/everyone,” writes Little Miss Good Enough in this beautiful blog post.

But there are silver linings to every dark cloud. It can, however, be difficult to find sometimes. This article shares with us some tips on how to find them. 

It’s a list of excellent tips that can help us through the first few stages of separation that we at Hello Mojo Magazine couldn’t have said any better. It’s definitely well worth reading whether if you’re going through it right now or have gotten through it already.

Read the source article at littlemissgoodenough.wordpress.com