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Growing Up in a Broken Family Doesn't Meant that You are a Broken Human Being - Hello Mojo Magazine

Growing Up in a Broken Family Doesn’t Meant that You are a Broken Human Being


Growing up in what people often call a broken family can really leave a child scarred. “No matter which way I’d trace it back, it would always lead to the idea that something was really wrong with me,” shares Gracy Obuchowicz.

When Gracy grew up, she decided that that just wasn’t true for her. Through helping others undergoing the same self-induced anxiety and pressure, she realizes that there was truly nothing wrong with her.

In this article, she shares with us her journey towards that realization. She intimates with us how she blamed herself for her parent’s divorce and the terrible effects of that perspective.

It’s a beautiful and earnest sharing that we could all learn from. Hello Mojo Magazine shares this with the utmost respect for Gracy and we wish her all the best in her quest to make the world a better place.

Read the source article at Self Care With Gracy