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Having the Divorce Talk With Your Kids - Hello Mojo Magazine

Having the Divorce Talk With Your Kids


The difficulty of making the decision to get a divorce comes only second to actually telling your kids about it. It’s a conversation that’s complex and filled with nuance that you’re not even sure your kids are going to understand properly. However, it’s got to be done because the changes that are about to arise may leave an even bigger trauma on them.

In this excellently written article from the blog site Your Tango, we get introduced to a couple of possible ways on how we can go about these types of conversations. “Be the same, loving parents you’ve always been, and continue taking care of their needs and concerns during this difficult and confusing time,” the article reads.

We at Hello Mojo think that it’s in this conversation that healing starts for the whole family. It’s an important step that we can’t really skip so don’t even hesitate to click on the link below for the full article.

Read the source article at YourTango