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He Couldn't Change for Me - Hello Mojo Magazine

He Couldn’t Change for Me


People change especially when they hit rock bottom. That’s just a fact of life. So, you don’t need to feel bad if you see your ex-changing for the better after getting a divorce.

In this article, a reader asks divorce expert Jackie Philossoph of Divorced Girl Smiling some difficult questions. Her husband changed for the better after their divorce. He started doing everything that she wanted him to do but only when he found another woman to marry. It leads her to question why he couldn’t change that way for her.

“People go to therapy to sort out all kinds of issues and the work they do there can help them change,” writes Jackie.

This article just brings so much enlightenment in that dark moment of self-doubt when we ask ourselves, why couldn’t he change for me? It offers a lot of clarity that we at Hello Mojo would like to share with you.

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