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Here are Some Useful Tips if You're Divorcing a Narcissist - Hello Mojo Magazine

Here are Some Useful Tips if You’re Divorcing a Narcissist


We happened upon this article and thought that we should share it. It’s called 12 Survival Tips to Help You Survive Divorcing a Narcissist on Divorce Mag.

In it, Leanne Townsend shares with us some tips. This one, in particular, is thought-provoking: 

Have money on hand (a war chest). You may need this money for living expenses while the divorce plays out and you will need funds for legal fees. You want to begin the process from some level of financial stability, if possible so that you can fight for what is important to you.

Leanne Townsend has some more helpful tips so be sure the check out the rest of the article.

Read the source article at Virginia Archives