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How Burying Yourself With Work Doesn't Help At All - Hello Mojo Magazine

How Burying Yourself With Work Doesn’t Help At All


Sometimes we use work as an escape from the loneliness and the turmoil of our home life. We tend, therefore, to bury ourselves with tasks and deliverables.

However, psychologists believe that doing so only adds to our unhappiness and displeasure with our lives. This article from Psychology Today gives us a peek into the supporting study behind it. “Unless you’re under threat, you were designed to saunter. When you can slow down and savor the tasks you’ve been rushing through, ease and stillness keep your energy up, mind clear, and productivity high,” it reads.

This article comes highly recommended from all of us here at Hello Mojo Magazine. So click on the link below for the full article if you have minute.

Read the source article at Psychology Today