How to Extract Lessons from Divorce Grief


Divorce is a kind of death. It’s the ultimate indicator that the relationship and the love that you’ve cultivated has died and there’s no bringing it back. Because of this, the stages of grief may be experienced.

“Robbing ourselves of this grieving process is one of the reasons why, years even after the divorce, we still feel incomplete, still feel like crap, and still feel like our heart is broken,” writes Martha Bodyfelt in this Divorced Moms article. She advocates divorcees to go through the same stages of grief as if they had exprienced the loss of a loved one. Because let’s face it, we really did lose a loved one.

But more than that realization, she focuses on how we can glean on some powerful insights from this experience. In this piece, she helps us see where we could have made mistakes and helps us to avoid making them again.

It’s an interesting article that we at Hello Mojo Magazine can definitely recommend to our readers. 

Read the source article at Divorced Moms