How to Get Back on that Dating Horse After Getting a Divorce


Dating after a divorce is a daunting prospect. From the difficulty of finding a more appropriate match to the pains of having to get to know someone all over again, it’s a complicated task.

Luckily we have this article to help us overcome our fears of dating again. In it, Jackie Philossoph offers up some words of wisdom from someone who’s gone through it before. “Dating is like a rollercoaster, with ups that are filled with hope and happiness and warmth and laughter and excitement and heart stopping moments, and times things go rapidly downhill, with disappointment, anger, frustration and hopelessness that only losers are out there in the dating pool,” she writes.

But despite it all, you only need one perfect match to make it all worth your while.

It’s a pretty inspiring article that can get you on the dating horse again. We at Hello Mojo Magazine are definitely fans of Jackie’s point of view and we’re hoping that you can also feel free to love again.

Read the source article at Divorce Blog