How To Kindly Break it To Your Spouse That You Want a Divorce


Divorce is not an easy subject to discuss with your soon to be ex. However, when the misery of staying married stifles your growth as a person, it needs to be brought up. Luckily, this article from Sas For Women gives us some tips on the setting, timing, script, and many other aspects of it.

“Even if you and your Ex seem to be on the same page during the start of your divorce, you will likely need ongoing support discovering and staying focused on your most meaningful goals—and not getting caught up in the emotional drama,” it reads.

We at Hello Mojo Magazine love the care that the author of the article has put in making it as smooth as possible. We hope that it can give you as much clarity as you need in order to finally move on with your life.

Read the source article at Divorce Coach