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How We Got Women's Reason for Living All Wrong - Hello Mojo Magazine

How We Got Women’s Reason for Living All Wrong


Women are more eager to get out of the single-living situation. They’re seen as yearning to settle down and start a nest somewhere. But these stereotypes got it all wrong. Data shows that women are more independent than they’re given credit.

This Psych Today article by Bella DePaulo Ph.D. presents all of these stereotypes and the data that disproves them. “When asked why they are currently single, more of the women than the men said that they want to enjoy the journey and the adventure of being single while they are still young,” she says. It’s so nice to know that women are more independent and can withstand living single.

It’s just a testament to how beautifully independent all human beings are. We at Hello Mojo Magazine love this article and we hope that you get to read it as well.

Read the source article at Psychology Today