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Insensitive Single Mum Comments And How to Respond to Them - Hello Mojo Magazine

Insensitive Single Mum Comments And How to Respond to Them


Being a single mum might get you some unsolicited comments. From the lack of a male role model for your child to a judgement on your morality, some people just can’t keep their opinions to themselves. This article shares with us some ways on how to deal with that kind of negativity.

Anna Wood of Beanstalk Mums writes this beautiful article for mums who’ve been insulted by these insensitive of comments. “Yes, you do it because you have no choice. But, you also do it because you love your kids and wouldn’t have it any other way,” she writes. And knowing this should be enough to help you get through. But, just in case you get stumped by these comments, she also includes a couple of responses to the most common comments.

It’s an excellent article that’ll definitely help you out in your quest to raise your child on your own. We at Hello Mojo Magazine can definitely relate to the hurt that insensitive comments bring and we hope that this beautiful essay can help you get over them.

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