Maybe Taking a Break is Exactly What You Need


There’s a time to be productive and driven and there’s a time to rest and lie dormant. That’s what Gracy Obuchowicz came to terms with recently. In this article, she shares her how she realized that she was not in a state to be productive and how she feels about letting her business lay fallow for a little bit.

The danger of success is falling under constant pressure to succeed some more. This is an important realization for Gracy and other women. It’s the kind of explosive pressure that has no end unless you realize you just have to not let it affect you.

“I’m doing this because I’m finally respecting that I’m just not in the workhorse mode right now,” she shares with us.

Are you also not in the workhorse mode like Gracy? We at Hello Mojo Magazine encourage you to take a break if needed. You can come back stronger than ever after some time to yourself.

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