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Meet the Mum


Behind Some of the Best Online Resources for Single Mums

Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour” – RUMI

There are so many questions that arise when you are on the brink of a relationship breakdown, and
Barbara Bryan has asked herself all of them in the past. This is how the divorced single mother-of-two had the practical experience and first-hand knowledge to be able to build Australia’s largest single parent network – Single Parent Australia.

It was a seven-year labour of love that has resulted in tens of thousands of visits to her major website www.singlemum.com.au every month and thousands more to the associated websites that offer everything from an interactive forum through to a national directory resource for families seeking specialist family court lawyers.

Barbara says the platform, which she founded in 2009, provides Australian single parents with the information, friendship and support they need at one of the most challenging and fulfilling times of their lives.

With everything from child custody, child support payments, obtaining single parent benefits, child care and combating isolation and loneliness covered on singlemum.com.au, Barbara has created a one-stop hub for single mums to access what they need, when they need it, as well as offering access to a supportive single mum community to boost confidence and connect with women going through the same process.

But this is just one of the websites Barbara has created in her thriving community. She also runs Single Parent Australia, Single Mother Forum, Divorce and Family Lawyers and her passion project Let’s Go Mum.

The latter was recently announced the winner of the Travel Blogs Award for the second year running and was also awarded a place in the 2017 Australia’s Top 50 Influencer Awards.

Barbara is an intrepid traveler, having visited more than 30 countries, and has blogged about the adventures shared with her “gorgeously adventurous little girls” Samantha, 10, and Brooke, 12 on Let’s Go Mum.

“Together, the kids and I love to explore Australia and the world. Both children are home schooled, which often gives us the luxury of taking their school work with them and travelling outside of standard school holidays. So any chance we get, I give in to the kids’ chorus of ‘Let’s go Mum!’, and off we go – blogging it all the way,” she says.

“You can count on us to let you know if our latest flight, kid attraction, product or holiday destination really was family-friendly and fun. Join us as we boldly go wherever the family fun is.”

Barbara is testament to the fact that life after divorce is a whole new world, but if you embrace it and live life to the fullest, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

To hear more from Barbara and
Let’s Go Mum please visit
website: www.letsgomum.com.au
facebook: @letsgomum
instagram: @letsgomum