Michelle Vale Shares Her Experience as a Child of Divorced Parents


When fashionista Michelle Vale’s parents were undergoing a divorce, she and her brother were caught in the middle. Just by this alone, her childhood was far from ideal. The ordeal left her with such trauma that she grew up with a compassion for children going through the same thing. So, she wrote a book that would help them cope.

She writes relatably and compassionately in this article. She shares with us her experiences growing up – the feeling of being torn between her two parents. But ultimately, she found clarity in adulthood. This same clarity is what she aims to hand over to children with her beautifully written book.

Looking at her now, it’s easy to see how she can serve as an inspiration to kids of divorcing or divorced parents. She has achieved so much in the fashion industry and in her personal life despite her hardships. We’re proud to share this inspiring article here at Hello Mojo Magazine.

Read the source article at Divorced Moms