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Motivating Women To Live Life Without Inhibitions - Hello Mojo Magazine

Motivating Women To Live Life Without Inhibitions


The EveryGirl writes a profile on the fascinating life of Joanne Encarnacion in this article. She’s a life coach and entrepreneur with the singular goal of helping women become more engaged in their own health and nutrition. She started mainly on Instagram which became a mercurial success as she now has thousands of followers.

Her journey to becoming a life coach was nothing short of kismetic. She tells The EveryGirl, “in the fall of 2016, I felt like the universe heard what I wanted and decided that it was time for me to leave my job because I got laid off, which was actually great.” Just a few weeks before getting laid off she had a conversation with her husband about quitting and trying something new. After that, she focused on her social media accounts and the rest is history.

“With her platforms, Joanne gives her community a clear look into her life from her relationships with her husband and two daughters, her fitness journey, cool recipes and even tips on how to perfect and personalize your bullet journal,” writes The EveryGirl. 

Ultimately, the article is about it never being too late to go for what you love doing.

It’s an excellent source of motivation for anyone who’s been thinking about changing paths.

Read the source article at The Everygirl