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Networking for Beginners - Hello Mojo Magazine

Networking for Beginners


Putting ourselves in vulnerable situations does not exactly sound enticing, but that’s what networking often entails. This article from The Every Girl shares with us how to overcome that fear of being vulnerable in order to make new and lasting connections through networking.

The article guides us on how to prepare and what to do in networking situations. It starts us off with easy-to-do tips and gently pushes us to do more daring activities to slowly shed our fears of being vulnerable and networking.

We at Hello Mojo Magazine share this piece with pride as we ourselves already employ some of the techniques mentioned here. We’re also inspired to try some new unconventional tips from this informative article.

We’re quite sure that the slow gradient in the difficulty level would be an awesome feature that will surely be much appreciated by those who want to ease themselves into networking.

Read the source article at The Everygirl