“Nudging” Yourself Towards Better Choices


Dealing with the divorce is all about continuing good habits and dropping bad ones. This article by Eva Krockow shares with us how to develop good habits through psychology.

She suggests that nudging ourselves to make good decisions can easily be done. “There are so many choices to make each day that many of them are made on autopilot. We often rely on easy rules of thumb rather than consciously weighing up the options,” says Krackow.

To break this autopilot, we need to “nudge” ourselves towards making better decisions. This is done by redesigning the choice architecture that is presented to us. “For a nudge to be successful, it must (1) decrease the effort required to make the desired choice and (2) improve our motivation to opt for that choice,” she says.

She also presents us with some examples of a good “nudge.” It’s an excellent article that can help you take control of your life back.

Read the source article at Psychology Today