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Post-Divorce Dating Advice - Hello Mojo Magazine

Post-Divorce Dating Advice


Dating after a divorce can be scary. After a failed relationship, it’s easy to fall under the trap of thinking that the relationships ahead of your are also bound to fail. This article from Divorce Blog by Jackie Pilossoph, focuses on post-divorce dating. In it, she shares some tips and advice that’ll help us through this trying but exciting time.

“The key to dating after divorce and/or dating at an older age is to love yourself for all of your wonderful qualities and accept things as they are. That’s not to say you should eat burgers and fries every night and accept that you are larger. But rather to accept that perfection isn’t realistic nor is it necessary,” she writes. This makes us more interesting and generally readier to make a commitment to someone else.

The full article is full of information so click on the link for more.

Read the source article at Divorce Blog