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Prioritizing Self-Care - Hello Mojo Magazine

Prioritizing Self-Care


Gracy Obuchowicz is a self-confessed productivity addict. She draws her self-worth from it. But, pushing herself hard has taken a toll on her mind and body; and she’s taking time out from being productive for some self-care.

This article is a confession of sorts. In it, she tells us as much as staying focused on a goal and being productive, knowing that you need to take breaks is only just as important in life and business. “Over time, I’ve learned I cannot create anything generative from a place of depletion,” she writes.

We at Hello Mojo Magazine share this article in the hopes of encouraging people to accept their limitations and take a break once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with that; and there never will be.

Read the source article at Self Care With Gracy