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Redefining 2018 from Mess to Meaning - Hello Mojo Magazine

Redefining 2018 from Mess to Meaning


Every year brings its trials and tribulations. From those experiencing fresh break-ups to those still recovering from past hurts, each person has certainly gone through difficulties in 2018. At times, we may look back on the year and remember only the bad. But the good thing is, with a change in perspective, we can turn that mess into meaning.

“Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to find the gift in that experience? Or to understand at a deeper level WHY you were meant to experience such a thing?” asks self-care expert Jess Bonasso in this article.

We at Hello Mojo invite you to read this article on looking at the past year’s problems in a new light. It discusses how you can create your own message from the hardship. Processing the experience can lead to surprising revelations that will leave you feeling thankful for the hard lessons learned.

Read the source article at radiantselfcare.com