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Self-Deception as a Coping Mechanism Against Divorce - Hello Mojo Magazine

Self-Deception as a Coping Mechanism Against Divorce


Going through a divorce is never easy. Which makes it a little bit tempting to lie to yourself about the state of affairs. “In order to overcome the drama and the worries, they subconsciously lie to themselves,” reads this article from Divorced Moms. 

This article shares with us common lies that women peddle to themselves and to the people around them that seemingly help them cope with the divorce. However, they’re really just a step back from progress.

It’s an excellent article that makes women aware of the lies that they tell themselves. Because, sometimes, the lies are so convincing that we can just forget that they were lies in the first place.

We at Hello Mojo Magazine are proud to share this wake-up call of an article. We think that it can help you through your process and eventually wake up whole again.

Read the source article at Divorced Moms