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Setting Yourself Up Again After Divorce - Hello Mojo Magazine

Setting Yourself Up Again After Divorce


Have you read this one from SAS? It’s called What to Do After Divorce: Your Top 16 Best Moves.

It shares some of the necessary processes that you have to go through when the divorce proceedings are finally over. Here’s one that’s really imperative that you accomplish:

Putting together a financial plan may not be the sexiest thing you can do after divorce, but it’s plain smart. Finances affect divorced women in different ways. A few find themselves with more money than they know what to do with, while most find themselves challenged or even strained to make ends meet. Some women were heavily involved with finances during their marriage, while others feel like they are learning an entirely new language, suddenly forced to grapple with decisions they once left to their husband. Some women were stay-at-home moms while others held down jobs.

For more of these interesting tips, give the rest of the article a quick read.

Read the source article at Divorce Coach