Strange Divorce Story of How a Divorced Man Keeps Acting Like He’s Married to His Ex


Divorce is often a messy deal with egos clashing and emotions running high. But in this article, we are introduced to a particularly unique divorce story.

A woman shares her tale of how her divorced boyfriend still spends a lot of time with his ex-wife. His family too tends to spend more time with the ex-wife than her, the current girlfriend.

She asks Divorced Girl Smiling for advice on what the best course of action to take given her position.

Predictably, Jackie Pilossoph, the site’s editor, doesn’t have a particularly good outlook on the relationship. We here at Hello Mojo Magazine agree.

It’s an interesting story that doesn’t have a particularly good chance of a happy ending. But despite the cringeworthy situations, Jackie’s beautiful advice and guidance makes it well worth the read.

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