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Take These Divorce Advice With a Grain of Salt - Hello Mojo Magazine

Take These Divorce Advice With a Grain of Salt


Came across this article from SAS for Women and thought that we would share it here. It’s called 8 Terrible (But Common) Pieces of Divorce Advice You Should Definitely Ignore.

It has some interesting insights on divorce advice. Here’s one that we found particularly thought-provoking:

One of the most common pieces of divorce advice is simply to not get divorced at all. At least, not until the children are old enough to live on their own. This, the advice giver says, is what’s best for your children. But the research shows that’s not the case. Getting divorced and removing your children from an environment filled with tension and uncertainty can be better for you children in the long run.

Check out the rest of the bad advice on this list so you can ignore them when you hear them.

Read the source article at Divorce Coach