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The Marks That Divorce Leaves Behind On a Child Are Indelible - Hello Mojo Magazine

The Marks That Divorce Leaves Behind On a Child Are Indelible


Being the child of divorced parents can be difficult. It gets even more complicated when you’re a grown-up child of divorcees. You never quite know how to balance between one parent and the other even if the split was amicable and friendly. In this Divorced Moms blog post, we get to experience that through the lenses of someone who has gone through it.

Freddie Yancy writes this with the earnest goal of just simply sharing his experience. He shares about how divorce made things a little bit better because there was no more bickering between parents. Just a genuine goal of raising their children as effectively as they can.

“When I was 14, my dad remarried. Our stepmom was caring and involved and wanted to be like family to us, but she was also young and jealous and didn’t like my mom. So, there went that friendship between my parents,” she writes. And everything has changed. Up until today, Freddie can never get back the unity that they once shared.

This article is an excellent look into how long-lasting the effects of divorce. We at Hello Mojo Magazine can only wish that this wasn’t so but Freddie shows that it’s not quite possible to erase the indelible mark of divorce.

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