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The Power of Words - Hello Mojo Magazine

The Power of Words


In this beautifully written blog post, Elizabeth Lesser shares with us the lessons she had learned from Hellen Keller’s autobiography. She tells us about the power of speaking with a good purpose; how it can build people up instead of breaking them down. And how, if that’s what we all aspired to do, the world would be a much better place to live in.

She cites some passages from the book where Hellen Keller was just beginning to learn how to communicate despite her disabilities. Hellen’s words resonate with Elizabeth as she goes through the same thoughts and realizations of how precious words are.

It’s a truly invigorating post that makes us at Hello Mojo Magazine realize how powerful words are. The earnestness with which Elizabeth shares her thoughts is an absolutely wonderful use of language.

Read the source article at Elizabeth Lesser