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The Powerful Victim - Hello Mojo Magazine

The Powerful Victim


The word victim connotes vulnerability, weakness, and even helplessness. It inspires pity. However, Little Miss Good Enough, a lifestyle blog, refuses to see victims, especially of an abusive relationship for how society describes them. “It’s time society saw the strength and bravery of victims and stopped shaming and blaming,” she writes in this post.

It leads us to realize that victims are the strongest human beings there are. they’re people who we should draw inspiration from.

It’s an empowering piece that we at Hello Mojo Magazine can definitely recommend to our readers. But more than anything, it encourages us with the right mix of outrage and direction that enables us to actually act and help each other out when we see someone being victimized.

Read the source article at littlemissgoodenough.wordpress.com