Watch Out For These 3 Signs of Borderline High-Conflict Personality


In this informative article, Bill Eddy helps us recognize people with borderline high-conflict personality in our lives so that we can act accordingly. It’s a combination of two personality disorders, he says, “that’s marked by impulsivity and mood swings.”

It’s an interesting lens through which we can assess our relationships with our loved-ones and workmates. He gives us the three most common signs that these toxic people manifest so we can easily spot them. 

He gives advice and warnings on how to handle people with this disorder. “Most of us try to resolve or defuse conflicts, but people with high-conflict personalities compulsively escalate disagreements,” he writes.

Ultimately, this article serves as a much-needed warning that some of the people that you’re close to might be more difficult to deal with than they initially seem.

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