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What To Do With Your Post-Divorce Engagement Ring - Hello Mojo Magazine

What To Do With Your Post-Divorce Engagement Ring


Parting with a diamond wedding ring after a divorce can be as difficult as the divorce itself. But, at some point, you’re going to have to stop clinging to remnants of the past. The difficult part is knowing exactly when that is. 

Stacy Freeman, the lifestyle editor of Worthy, argues for parting with the remnants of your marriage only when the right incentive comes. The most important thing, she suggests, is that you’re doing it for the right reason. “If that meant waiting to toss my bedding until I was good and ready, so be it,” she says.

“Diamond engagement rings fall into the same category, with one stark difference: their utility after getting rid of them is endless,” she states. Parting with it could potentially be what it takes for you to finally move on.

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