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Why You Need A Co-Tenancy Agreement With Your New Partner After Divorce - Hello Mojo Magazine

Why You Need A Co-Tenancy Agreement With Your New Partner After Divorce


Perhaps you’re going through your divorce case at the moment, and so the thought of a serious relationship with someone else two years from now hasn’t even crossed your mind. 

Or maybe you are currently in that serious relationship, and it’s been a couple of years since your divorce. 

Either way, we have a very helpful article for you, despite whether you’re going through a divorce, in a serious relationship already, or none of the above. 

Cohabitation after divorce can be an appealing thought; perhaps a couple years from now you meet someone really nice, date for months, then consider moving in together for a number of reasons: 

It’s cost-efficient 

You can test how your relationship goes under living together whilst not married 

The opportunity arises to grow closer as a couple

But here’s the catch, and here’s why you need a co-tenancy agreement. You’re gun-shy because of everything you have been through in your divorce. Do you have any alternatives? You want something like a prenuptial agreement, but since you are not getting married, you cannot enter into that type of contract……

So here’s why you need to enter into a co-tenancy agreement. 

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