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Wise Words From Oprah.com...7 Things You Can Never Unsay - Hello Mojo Magazine

Wise Words From Oprah.com…7 Things You Can Never Unsay


Its so important to remember the power of words…Its important to remember that once you drop the d-word, it will linger in the air like the smell of a dead mouse under the fridge.

Whilst words are easy to say they aren’t so easy to retract them once they have left your lips.

In this article Amy Brill shares on Oprah.com tells us…’Don’t speak it if you don’t really a hundred percent mean it. In the heat of a fight, my husband once asked whether I wanted one, and the crestfallen look on my face unleashed an on-the-spot apology, along with a pledge to never utter the word again’.

Read these other things Amy says you should never sday…

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